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The Bending Application in Custom Fabrication Services

Many industries depend on sheet metal bending applications for components from downspouts to tank bodies. Metal bending in sheet metal fabrication requires that a precise force is applied to a piece of metal in order to change its geometry to a certain shape and thickness. When a certain amount of force is applied to the material, it causes the metal to deform to the point it can be stretched or bent in a variety of complex shapes. Bending like this is done in the process of custom fabrication services for uses that include ductwork, industrial systems, machine components, and architectural and structural components like downspouts, filters, panels, and more. The most common industries that need bending methods to be used in their custom fabrication services include all of the following:

·         Defense

·         Military

·         Medical

·         Aerospace

·         Aviation

·         Energy

·         Electronic Enclosures

Metal fabrication is the process of making metal parts and products by cutting, bending, and assembling them. A critical part of sheet metal manufacturing includes bending. The bending process today includes a variety of tools and methods that convert flat sheet metal into the 3D shapes needed for many products. There is more than one way to bend sheet metal. The processes may require heat, force, and the application of physics or some combination of all of these methods. Following are the most common bending processes:

 ·         Using a Press Brake Tool for Precision: Air Bending, Coining, & Bottoming

·         Powered by Servo Motors: 3-point bending

·         To handle Large Sheets of Materials: Folding

·         Setting Edges and Overcoming Spring-Back: Wiping

·         Rotary Bending: Handles Painted & Fragile Surfaces

·         For Creating Curves: Roll Bending

·         Elastomer Bending: Used on Finished Surfaces

·         For Offset Bends: Joggle Bending

The process of bending—no matter what method is used—transforms flat sheets of metal into newly shaped pieces. These pieces may be finished pieces that are complete after bending or they may be parts used in a larger item or system. The manufacturing process of bending makes v-shaped, u-shaped, or channel-shaped items. When you need a custom piece made to fit perfectly into your project, contact NeeSmith Precision Parts, a leading provider of custom fabrication services. The company proudly serves customers throughout the United States.