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What Does a Sheet Metal Worker Do?

Skilled sheet metal workers are most often found at work on construction sites, in metal shops, or inside manufacturing plants. They may be specialists in fabrication, installation, or maintenance, though it’s common for them to be proficient in all 3 areas. Another kind of sheet metal worker is unskilled and usually found at a factory that requires performing only one repetitive task. A trained sheet metal worker needs to be able to use special equipment that cuts, forms, and welds sheet metal parts in order to create products for numerous commercial and industrial applications.

Sheet metal workers begin a project by creating or learning the provided plans, blueprints, and specifications. Next, they decide what processes, equipment, and types of metal are needed to create the product or sheet metal parts for the customer. Once the processes are chosen, the worker measures the material using a tape, ruler, or stamping machine. After measuring the worker cuts the materials—either by hand or with computerized machinery—with any of the following pieces of equipment: Saws, plasma cutters, or drills. Lastly, if needed, the cut metal is bent into shape by using calipers, micrometers, and other equipment for obtaining accuracy. After all of the parts are finished, the worker may use screws, rivets, bolts, or welds to join them together.

Sheet metal workers are skilled tradesman who create, install, and repair sheet metal parts and products. They also fabricate and repair parts for many applications. The following are just some of the many industrial and non-industrial applications of these parts:

  • Fuselages
  • Wings
  • Auto Body Panels      
  • Auto Trim Parts        
  • Bumpers       
  • Doors         
  • Brackets        
  • Appliances    
  • Boilers        
  • Kitchen Equipment     
  • Office Equipment   
  • HVAC Systems

Sheet metal workers are known for their technical skills and their ability to work closely with other tradespeople in the commercial, industrial, and residential building industries. If you are interested in becoming a sheet metal worker, a long career lies ahead for you. These skilled workers are sought after industry-wide for their knowledge, expertise, and specializations. Find out more about being a sheet metal worker or apprentice from the team at NeeSmith Precision Parts. Call (833) 288-9178 or visit today for more information.