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Our Custom Fabrication Services Process

You can trust NeeSmith Precision Parts to satisfy your needs for custom fabrication services. Our expertise, honesty, and commitment to customer satisfaction mean that you'll walk away with the right part every time. Our customization process ensures your part not only fits perfectly, but that it is also made strong enough to withstand the stresses of its application.

Our sheet metal parts are fabricated to your specifications. We are known for our quick response time, quality workmanship, and professionalism. Let us show you the technical details of how we will create your part through our precise metal fabrication services.


The Amada™ Pega 357

The main powerhouse of our workshop, the Amada Pega 357, will be the primary tool that we use when making your parts. The Amada Pega 357 is a mechanical 33-ton turret punch press capable of processing sheets up to 4' by 12' with one auto repositioning cycle. The Pega series of CNC machines is known for reliability and low maintenance.

Fabrication of Sheet Metal Parts

We specialize in all types and forms of sheet metal production and also have the ability to mass produce. We can make parts from aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, and other materials. We can manufacture parts for commercial and residential purposes.


Software for 3D Design

Besides simpler 2D drawings, our team can also produce 3D designs for our customers. This is especially helpful for customers who are looking to make more advanced and complex tasks. All of our services are CAD-powered by Radan software. We also have a press brake that allows us to form the material to the customers' specifications. We produce 3D parts by entering your design into the software and using our press brake to properly form it.

Send drawings of the parts you want through fax or email. We'll examine your plans and get back to you with a quote based on the service that you are requesting. We charge per part based on the quote.